Our Mission

We are a non-profit training facility aimed at fostering and developing the interest, talents and competitive abilities among amateur bowlers of all ages and preparing them for higher level competition through a rigorous, well-rounded, curriculum designed for excellence at any level.


Off Broadway Bowling Academy is a four lane state of the art training facility located in Snohomish, Washington. As a non-profit organization we seek to aid in allowing youth bowlers opportunities to excel in the sport when they may not have the resources to do so themselves. The concept of our organization began as a way to bridge the gap between beginner level bowlers and elite professionals. Since 2010 we have been guiding youth and amateur bowlers in finding their own paths to success.

Our Values

With unique definitions from our founder, Dean Buchanan, all people who participate at Off Broadway Bowling Academy are expected to uphold and live by our organizations values. Our coaches live by the philosophy that you have to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself to be a respectable, well rounded individual on and off the lanes.

Our Values


The relentless enthusiasm and desire for personal achievement.


Holding yourself and your surroundings in high regard and deeming them worthy of special consideration.


The unimpaired, sound and honest adherence to moral and ethical principles. 


The undeniable sense of obligation, promise and personal sacrifice to ensure continued advancement.


The superior, internal characteristic of extreme merit inherent in every thought, action and personal pursuit.


The successful balance between humility and self-confidence.

Class and Grace

The simple elegance of movement while displaying impressive and stylish excellence. 

Meet the Team

Off Broadway Bowling Academy is currently equipped with two elite coaches, four amateur staff and three team members.


If you are just looking for an hour of open practice, or a half day session with 3-5 friends, Off Broadway Bowling Academy is here for you.

Book an Open Play Session

Book time for open practice, or speak directly with Head Coach Dean Buchanan about beginning a training program.