Off Broadway Bowling Academy


As one of the only training facilities in the Pacific Northwest, Off Broadway Bowling Academy is here to provide you with all your training needs from beginner to professional levels.

The Technology


With this state of the art technology installed on all four lanes, clients receive shot analysis and critical data o improve their game

Video Replay

Having 8 flat screen tv’s spanning the wall of the center, allows clients to review delayed video replay from all necessary angles.

Kegel Torch

There is availability for single lane use of this light targeting and alignment tool presented by Kegel.


This advanced technology from Ebonite International allows for statistics on each bowlers rev rate, speed, tilt, and rotation.

League Secretary

The installation of this league and tournament software brings endless possibilities to the experiences to be had at Off Broadway Bowling Academy.

Kegel Flex Machine

The modern advancements of the Kegel Flex Oiling Machine allow for a customized bowling experience for all clients.



With 20+ years of service in the United States Military, Marines and Navy, Coach Dean Buchanan is no stranger to what strong leadership looks like. He has used his years of experience to cultivate a well rounded training program involving not only the physical game, but lane play, mental game, and necessary values to uphold to be successful. His certifications include 2 graduation certificates from the Kegel Master’s Program and a USBC Silver Coaching certification. In 2019 as a Major in the US Military, Buchanan coached the All Army Men’s Team to a win in the Men’s Team Challenge at the 2019 Armed Forces Bowling Championships. He also is a three-time coach of the Greater Seattle Youth Boy’s All Star Team. Coach Buchanan is no stranger to competition himself as he competed on the All Army-Men’s Team for two years, and competed on the PBA Regional Tour where he had a PBA 300 and was honored as the Pat Paterson Award Recipient for the PBA Northwest Region in 2008.

Coach Sheila Buchanan brings a different lens to the table as she comes with an athletic background from her days as an elite gymnast at the University of Washington, and as she presently performs in the competitive dressage world. Her notable success allows her to incorporate strong experience in mental, physical and emotional training to the sport of bowling. Some of her bowling related certifications include her USBC Bronze Coaching Certification, and she is also a graduate from the two Kegel Master’s Programs on Speed/Release and Direction. Together, these coaches bring a strong and knowledgeable background of what it takes to bridge the gap between your everyday league competitor and the elite professional and collegiate levels.


The Coaching staff at Off Broadway Bowling Academy is compromised of three USBC certified coaches. Head Coach Dean Buchanan is a USBC Silver Certified Coach. While assistant coaches Sheila Buchanan and Brooklyn Boudreau have been Bronze Certified Coaches since March of 2019. Our coaching programs are built based upon a combination of personal experience, and a mixture of USBC and Kegel coaching curriculum.

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Head Coach Dean Buchanan and Coach Sheila Buchanan are graduates from the Kegel Coaching Master’s Program for both years of Speed/Release and Direction. The completion of these programs results in our coaches receiving diplomas certifying them to teach this in depth curriculum provided by the Kegel Training Center. In the Spring of 2022, coach Dean Buchanan also received his certification from the course The Art of Scoring.

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Dean Buchanan
Dean BuchananHead Coach and Founder
Having recently retired with 20 years of service in the United States Military, Coach Dean Buchanan is now committing all of his efforts to the fostering and development of amateur and youth bowlers. His unwavering dedication to the non-profit and the values he uphold makes Off Broadway Bowling Academy an outstanding professional environment. View our training page to learn more about his qualifications and experience.
Sheila Buchanan
Sheila BuchananAssistant Coach and Director
With much competitive experience from a young age, Coach Sheila Buchanan brings crucial lessons and values to the team at Off Broadway Bowling Academy. Her knowledge and experiences with mental and physical training are available to cliental, and for more information on her background and qualifications view our training page.
Gary Carter
Gary CarterCoach
With a drive and passion to help you achieve your bowling potential, Gary has been a coach for over 20 years. He brings his fun, passionate and enthusiastic coaching experiences and skillset to OBBA that youth and adults alike will benefit from. He is devoted to developing bowler proficiencies and skills with the most current techniques and state-of-the-art coaching tools.